Green Thunder
Updated 3 years ago
Fend off waves of enemies from the air!
When otherworldly portals start spewing out strange, red, tank-like vehicles, the base knows there's only one person they can rely on... Green Thunder!
It's your job to fly around and fend off the enemies for as long as you can. Portals will keep appearing until there are four - the plane is fitted with an autocannon, but be careful not to overuse it or it will overheat for a few seconds. If you hit the ground too many times or too many of the enemies get through to the base, it's game over!
  • W & S - throttle up & down (recommend turning sound on so you can hear how fast the engine is)
  • A & D - rudder left and right (use this mostly to fine-tune your aim)
  • Mouse - pitch and roll (be careful not to turn too steeply or the plane will stall)
  • Left mouse / LCtrl - fire cannon
  • Right mouse - zoom in
  • (The game also supports Xbox 360 controller input - the sticks control movement, right trigger shoots, left bumper zooms).
Music: The Planets, Op. 32 - I. Mars, the Bringer of War
Sounds: various combined sounds from
Assets: Stylized Grass Texture by LowlyPoly -
All other assets home-made (as you can probably tell)

About the game: created alongside the Create with Code Live course, which has taught me a whole lot about making games in Unity! I quite liked the idea of making a simple, physics-based flight combat game. It took quite a while to get the flight physics right, but I think it works well now (it's quite challenging to get the hang of, but very satisfying to pull off). The main gripe I have at the moment is that the mouse control makes it very easy to stall the plane - I'd recommend using an Xbox controller if you have one.
I'd like to fix the mouse controls by implementing something a bit like War Thunder's mouse controls, and also to have a stall warning that makes it more obvious when you're about to drop out of the sky.
Thanks for playing!

Alexander Patton