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Updated a year ago
Create with Code Live (9AM PT) Personal Project
Hi, first of all THANK YOU it was a great course, I hope the presenters, moderators and everyone else behind the scenes had as much delivering the course as I did attending. It would be great if it could continue, maybe on a weekly basis.
On to my game, I really wanted to make British Bulldog but that is a bit much. So I have created a tag game, player vs computer. It is all very playable and fun (in my opinion) and can be built upon to work towards a full British Bulldog game. I'm particularly proud of the tagging mechanisms. And by the way this is the first game I made too!
There isn't much I can post in here (videos, games etc) so I made a whole webpage over on, so use the link below to play the WebGL version online or you can download standalone binaries for Windows, OSX and Linux (Linux not tested). There is a lot more info on about what I used to make the game and some lessons learned etc in the Dev Log so please move on over to for the full experience.
Play online and downloads for Windows, OSX and Linux:
Play online at Unity Connect:
Stay safe, marjohloo.