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- Who am I? - I am a indie game dev who's absolutely in love with anything to do with video games. Whether it is looking into the lasted tech or hunting for some retro gems! Some of my works include: - Working alongside with London South Bank University and Lifelites organization in order to create a series of fun games for children in hospices. - Releasing a shoot 'em up game for the google play market. - Releasing several custom maps for the Killing Floor 2 game - Any Career Goals? - Video games has always been a distinguishable medium that had a strong impact on my life, in fact my very first introduction to video games was an Atari 2600 that till this day remains an cherish memory. Ever since then, I have been always actively following it, and before you know it, video games started to shape my future. Therefore, one of my main career goals is to share my strong passion, knowledge, and creativity of video games with the game industry and to any other non-gamers out there.