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UPDATED: 2021-05-14 McKenzie (the player character) now will pet Finn (the golden retriever) in the 2nd opening scene (in the barn) - Yay! And there is a Pegasus ride. How to play: This is a snapshot-taking kind of game. * To take a snapshot: Click the red camera button on the screen or use spacebar. * To control look/move direction: Use the virtual joystick. * To move forward, hold down left-mouse button, W key, or Up arrow key. * Click the Sepia button (below the red camera button) to toggle sepia filter. Make sure to turn on audio. Enjoy your photography trip to a fantasy game world! :) A Brief About: In this game, you are NOT going to kill or harm anyone or anything, and nothing is going after you. You do not die in the game no matter how high you jump off. You are not trying to get high scores. There is no win or lose. The reward could be that you feel good about your snapshots and photographic keen eyes. The in-game grandma without a doubt will admire whatever snapshots you have taken. The game intends to be a relaxing photography trip into a virtual world. The only stress may be that you have a time limit of one day-night cycle, which I set to one minute. There are two back-to-back opening scenes. It may be about 1 minute long depending how quickly you read the dialogue and click the Continue button. It helps you to make sense of the game, so I encourage you to read through it. Read on if you would like to read more about this game: I have been working on this game for a while. I am still working on it and it still has a long way to go. I am excited to have an opportunity to post the work-in-progress online to get some reactions and may be feature wish list. The game is designed for mobile devices. I had to make some slight changes to be WebGL, especially the user input part, because it is designed to use the gyro (or optional joystick) of the mobile devices to control the player’s point of view. The day-night cycle starts with the time on your device. The sun/moon rise/set are based on location Latitude = 0 and Longitude = 0. The moon phase matches the real world’s moon phase of the day. After the second opening scene, you will be randomly placed into one of the 3 scenes: pirate ship, pirate island, and cavern. Each spawn point is close to some kind of points of interest or photo-ops. But the whole level is always open. So you are free to roam around. You are not confined to the location you are spawned at. Some points of interest to explore and take photos include: Pirate Ship: Captain cabin, captain ghost, other ghosts, a room above captain cabin, walk the plank (you need to find the trigger to get the plank appear), fire cannons, control sails up/down, view from the crow’s nest, underwater (shark, treasure, whirlpool, shipwreck), portal to go out on the balcony Pirate Island: Skull cave (two entrances, bats, captain ghost, skull eye socket opening to see a warship), walkable shipwreck, collapsing shipwreck, rickety boardwalk, mermaid, seagulls (you walk towards them to scare them to fly off in the beach area), arch, buried treasure, captain’s ghost, firefly burst, treetop view Cavern: Sabretooth tiger, elk, fox, rabbit, herd of bison, mammoths, Pegasus, giant butterflies, waterfalls, Pegasus ride, Tree of Life Cycle Environment: Rain, rainbow, lightning, snowing, comet, rotating starfield, aurora borealis (The Aurora Borealis is not supposed to be a frequent item to appear. However, I like it so much that I am making it appear every time just in this demo. It starts at a different time into the level.) Easter eggs (as you have read so far along): Hit the “z” key to randomize the player character’s costume. (I did this during testing but decided to keep it in this demo.) Hit the “a” key to turn the player character to face the camera - useful when taking snapshots and you want to see the player character’s face. THANKS - Thank you, Unity Play, for providing a place for its users to share their games. Also thank you, asset developers, for developing assets to help make possible for the solo game developers like me to have the amazing assets to make games we dream of. Here is a list of the assets I have used in this demo thus far: Ultimate Screenshot Creator (Wild Mage Games) AISHA | LOWPOLY CHARACTER (ATIVUS STUDIO) Time of Day (André Straubmeier) Easy Character Movement (Oscar Gracián) Joystick Pack (Fenerax Studios) POLYGON Pirates - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty (Synty Studios) Footsteps Sound System & Foot Placement IK (Dias Games) Dialogue System for Unity (Pixel Crushers) Dynamic Bone (Will Hong) Fast Volumetric Blob Shadows (Pixel Tea) Amplify Color (Amplify Creations) Low Poly Animated Prehistoric Animals (polyperfect) Low Poly Series: Caverns (Stoolfeather Games) Poly Art Animals Forest Set (MalberS Animations) Animal Controller (MalberS Animations) Horse Animset Pro (Riding System) (MalberS Animations) Bird Flock Bundle (Unluck Software) POLYGON Farm - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty (Synty Studios) POLYGON City - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty (Synty Studios) School Scene (Tirgames assets) Lorena | LOW POLY CHARACTER (ATIVUS STUDIO) Akay | LOWPOLY CHARACTER (ATIVUS STUDIO) POLYGON Nature - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty (Synty Studios) POLYGON Particle FX - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty (Synty Studios) POLYGON Town Pack - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty (Synty Studios) Low Poly Animated Animals (polyperfect) Underwater FX (Rivermill Studios) Rin New: Anime-Style Character For Games And VRChat (A2 Games) Ambience Sounds Vol. 1 (Potion Audio) HQ Retro Farmhouse (Modular) (NOT_Lonely) Sky Studio - Dynamic Sky and Weather (Funly)
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