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The Virtual Museum of Space Exploration: “Mars”
Our project proposes the creation of a virtual and immersive space, which exposes in a playful way, information related to space exploration, to make it accessible to the general public. In this virtual museum, users will have the opportunity to learn about the technology used for space exploration, through computer-generated simulations based on data obtained from NASA. The first version of our virtual museum will have a Mars-inspired theme, the technology used and simulations of explorations based on real events, such as those of a hypothetical future. Users will be able to access this virtual space, tour the space robot exhibit and experience first-hand the simulations of Mars tours of these advanced and highly technological devices designed for space exploration. We want people to be able to access and understand scientific information in an interactive, immersive and playful way, using Extended Reality as the axis and format of interaction, in this case, through the simulation of a virtual reality. This project is important because it exposes complex scientific information in a creative way, to make it accessible and entertaining to the general public. Also, the future potential of our project is reflected in the possibility of increasing the number of virtual spaces on space exploration on other planets or celestial bodies. The pandemic has revitalized interest in science and renewed attention to STEM education, with 60% of the world's population feeling more inspired to pursue STEM careers because of the pandemic. New technologies make it possible to create interactive learning spaces capable of transforming the way information is assimilated and understood, contributing directly to people's ability to remember and encouraging self-learning.
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