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My Island Getaway!
“This is one of my favorites places in this island. As the sunrise appears in the horizon, I like to put on some good music and enjoy the company of the birds that usually come to visit me. Sometimes I even forget to turn off the stove. Dammit, it appears that someone is on the door, maybe they will go away if I ignore it for a while…” Took me a while to complete this project, used this opportunity to learn more about audio, lighting (directional, baking, mixed and more), terrain, postprocessing and few other little things. There were a bunch of free assets that I used from the Asset Store (some may from the Ukranian Pack, so not free) and a lot of tutorials that I followed, I’ll try to remember all of them here (I’m sorry if I forget some). The pictures up on the wall are some of my favorites from this year new hobby, birdwatching (you can see them with more details using the QR Code!). You can use the “F” key to interact with the radio and to turn off the water boiling in the stove (I really suggest doing it, so you can enjoy the other sounds a little better). If you go near to the radio you can change the songs with the keys 1, 2 and 3. Oh! And someone is walking outside the room, he will even knock on the door sometimes, but just wait a little and he may go away! 3D Model: “Radio” by trippsmith05. Song: “Miss Lexotan 6 Mg Garota”, “Um Lugar do Caralho” and “Beatle George” by Jupiter Maçã. Sound Effect: “Knocking on the door” by oldhiccup Assets: “AllSky Free - 10 Sky / Skybox Set” by rpgwhitelock; “Door Free Pack Aferar” by Andrey Ferar; “Enhanced Hierarchy 2.0” by Muka Schultze; “Fantasy landscape” by Pxltiger “Footsteps - Essentials” and “Nature - Essentials" by Nox_Sound “Foundations of Audio” and “Terrain Sample Asset Pack” by Unity Technologies Inc. “Generic Terrain Brushes” by FlamingSands “Living Birds” by dinopunch; “Nature Starter Kit 2” by Shapes “Realistic Forest Textures - RPG Environment” by Blink “Terrain Toolkit Re:” by heparo “Terrain Tools” by mgear “Water Shader (URP & LWRP)” by Easy Game Studio Youtube Tutorials: Harnessing Light with URP and the GPU Lightmapper | Unite Now 2020, by Ciro Continisio (Unity). Using Terrain Tools to Create 3D Landscapes (Unity Tutorial), by Ketra Games Interior Lighting in URP (Universal Render Pipeline) | Unity 2020.2, by UGuruz 7 Ways to Optimize your Unity Project with URP, by Unity Unity3D - Random Music Playlist, by Stuart Spence How to optimize your Unity game for Mobile, PC & WebGL: from 230MB to 3.7MB, by GameDevLuuk And some textures from https://3dtextures.me/
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