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Composer / Filmmaker
Volker Goetze is a composer, filmmaker and musician. His time in West Africa inspired him to direct a feature-documentary about the oral his- tory of West Africa, extending the work into a live-performance-documentary recounting the creation of the African harp. In 2017 Volker Goetze composed a VR work about New York City's mass grave on Hart Island titled 'Unique Places of Death NYC.’ In 2018 he implemented his vision of NYC's first sound sculpture walk called "Sonic Gates", uplifting local communities from sculptors, students, immigrants and residents, bringing new cus- tomers and tourists into the Bay Street Corridor driving small business and convincing the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs to double their funding for local artist on Staten Island. Currently he is working on a Community VR Dance, Poetry and Music Performance about indigenous homelessness and genocide celebrating culture overcoming historic trauma.