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Unity 2D Challenge

Become part of an exciting journey exploring our new 2D tools
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Oct 23 - Dec 18 2018

Show the world what you can do with 2D

Join the Unity 2D Challenge to become part of an exciting community journey exploring the possibilities of our new 2D tools.

How to participate

Create a small piece of content using Unity’s 2D tools. It can be anything from pixel-perfect retro-style art to a snippet of hand-drawn platforming gameplay or a thin vertical slice of a 2D competitive brawler. Anything goes, as long as it’s 2D. See the FAQ at the bottom for more info.


Three of the entries will be selected based on the quality of their 2D gameplay, art style, creativity and other features. Your documentation of how you used the Unity 2D tools will also be considered. In addition, there will be a special prize for the development and usage of own 2D tools using the different 2D APIs.

The prizes

1st - $2000
2nd - $1000
3rd - $500
Special Mention - $500

In addition to the cash prizes, all winners will receive a complementary Unite 2019 ticket (for Unity Europe, Asia or America).

Unity 2D features

Learn more about our new tools on the Unity website, social channels & communities. You can also learn more about 2D game development in the broader community, for example, from this Brackeys' tutorial video or this Skyoo video.


  1. You must have access to Unity Connect and a Unity Connect profile.
  2. You must utilize Unity 2018.x in the creation of the Project.
  3. You must use at least one of these 2D features: 2D Animation, 2D IK, 2D Cinemachine, 2D Tilemaps (square, hexagons or isometric), 2D SpriteShape, 2D Pixel Perfect or Vector Graphics.
  4. The 2D feature or features chosen for the project should play an important role in the concept of the project.
  5. The Project cannot have been submitted previously in a promotion of any kind or exhibited or displayed publicly through any means.
  6. You must tag all uploaded content with #Unity2DChallenge.
  7. You must attribute credit to any contributors who helped you along the way.

How to enter

Create one main video showcasing your project; you can see examples from other challenges here: https://connect.unity.com/challenges/.
Document the making-of with GIFs, images or other videos, focusing on how you used the 2D features. (The overall quality of your presentation will be taken into consideration.)
If you want to be considered for the special prize for creating your own 2D tools, please show the tool working in the editor with examples of what you can create with it. (Both the level of Innovation and practicality of the ideas will be evaluated.)

Looking for some art for your submission?

The Unity Asset Store has thousands of assets ready-to-use. Check out 2D Characters or 2D Environments, or search for textures, fonts and GUI art which may help you with your entry.

Want to create your own 2D art, get involved in the community and make some money?

Consider submitting your work to the Asset Store so others can use the work in their projects. Publishers earn 70% of the purchase price! When you’re ready, learn about submitting to the Asset Store.


The project must be produced for the contest and submitted between 18:00 PT October 23, 2018 and 23:59 PT December 17, 2018 on the 2D Challenge submission page on Unity Connect.

Winner announcements

All winners will be announced no later than four weeks after the deadline on Unity Connect and Unity’s social media.

Judging criteria

The submissions will be evaluated based on the level of imagination and creativity, thematic and stylistic cohesion, overall quality, and application of the 2D tools to make something great.

Contest judges

  • Kenney Vleugels - Popular indie community creator of 40K+ license-free assets and tools at kenney.nl & pixeland.io
  • Angelos Gkamiliaris & Nick Larin - Pixel Reign, creators of Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries
  • Ciro Continisio - Unity Evangelist
  • Andy Touch - Unity Evangelist
  • Rus Scammell - Unity Technical Product Manager, 2D
  • Peter Lee - Unity Art Director Content Team


Q: Can I create a game that is 2.5D?
A: No, It has to have 2D characters and 2D environments, however minor 3D elements, like 2D perspectives with top-down view, isometric or sidescrolling, are acceptable as long as they use 2D assets. Small or decorative 3D elements that don't play an essential role are also acceptable.
Q: Does my project have to belong to any particular genre?
A: No, it can belong to any, puzzle, platformer, tycoon, RPG, sports, or other genre.
Q: Do I have to use all the 2D tools in Unity?
A: No, you can base your project on one or more of the 2D tools as described previously. The main goal is simply to realize your vision using Unity’s new 2D tools.
Q: Can I use assets from the Unity Asset Store?
A: Tools from the Unity Asset Store may be used as long as the main focus remains on your use of the new Unity 2D features described earlier.
You can use graphic or sound assets from the Unity Asset Store, but projects with original art will be prioritized. Ultimately, though, what we are looking for is a good overall visual presentation.
For the special mention category, art is not relevant, and in that case, we are looking for original custom tools using the new 2D APIs.
Q: Can I make media such as a short film, or does it have to be a game?
A: It has to be a game, but a good intro or cutscenes using 2D tools could increase the overall quality of the project presentation and thus be taken into account favorably.
Q: For the Special Mentions category, what kind of tool do you expect?
A: An editor tool created by yourself using the new 2D tools APIs to help you in the design process by saving time or adding value in other ways to the project.
Q: Can I use assets from my existing game projects?
A: You can as long as the project wasn’t previously released, sold, or shared publicly.
Q: How do you rate the documentation part of the submission mentioned in the terms?
A: This part of the submission will be rated based on how you document the usage of your own tools in the context of the project. This can be a small video, image or a simple animated gif showing how you achieved a certain effect by thinking out of the box and being creative with the 2D APIs.
Q: What is the process regarding submission scores & reviews?
A: The submissions will be evaluated based on the level of imagination and creativity, thematic and stylistic cohesion, overall quality, and application of the 2D tools to make something great. The panel of select judges will review each project thoroughly and impartially. However, the specifics regarding the evaluations will be kept private, and individual feedback to participants is not within the scope of this contest.

Rules and Prizes
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Game Developper
5 years ago
A Matter Of Light
1st Place
29 reactions
Jack of all trades
Warsaw, Poland
5 years ago
Ultimate Action Hero
2nd Place
78 reactions
Concept artist/2D artist/illustrator
5 years ago
3rd Place
28 reactions
5 years ago
Special Mention
18 reactions
Primary School Teacher
6 years ago
Math Board Games & Hands-on
3 reactions
Berlin, Germany
5 years ago
Bunny Hop 2D
8 reactions
Nomadjackalope Games
Washington, United States
5 years ago
Elemental Breakout
4 reactions
Raider of the lowpolys and other planes.
Bogotá, Colombia
6 years ago
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