Boss Fight

Calling Creators! Show us your battle prowess in the 2D Boss Fight Challenge.
UnityWebGLC#Microg2D Platformer
Mar 25 - Apr 22 2020
Calling all experienced creators in Unity! Create, mod and submit your microgame to our "Boss Fight" Challenge to show your fellow creators your creativity in Unity.
It does not matter what genre of game you play, chances are you will eventually run into the ultimate test, the Boss! This will be the focus of our next Challenge and to add a little more of a test it will be open on the 2D Platformer microgame only.
This means we are looking for an interesting take on the 2D platformer/side scrolling/fighter type Boss, whatever you can dream up.
In our example we have used Monster&&Boss Skeleton asset, Warrior asset and Creepy Dungeon asset all which are available for free on the Unity Asset Store.
Add as many original and fun details as you can to make your game stand out. When you’re done, submit it as a WebGL game to this challenge!

How to participate

To join, either go to your microgame's page and click "Submit your game" button from the banner on the top, or click "Start submission" on this page to submit an article with a link to your microgame.
Make sure to follow these instructions to share your game directly from the Unity Editor to your microgame's page. Remember to name your game, include a cover image, and provide a short and fun description of your game.
The deadline for submissions is April 21st, 2020.

Rules & Requirements

  1. To participate you will need to download and install the free version of Unity and open a Microgame. If you have not done this, please scroll down the page to “How do I open a Microgame” for instructions.
  2. You need to submit a modified version of either the Karting, 2D Platformer or the FPS Microgame.
  3. Your Microgame must include one or more of the mods available via Unity Learn. In addition, you are free to add your own modifications. You can find the Mods here: Karting Mods, 2D Platformer Mods, FPS Mods.
  4. Please do not include personal information in your game, including pictures of family members, friends or acquaintances, your home, work or school address, and so on.
  5. Offensive and/or illegal content will not be accepted in the Challenge.
We will choose three Winners and three Honorable Mentions from all entries that are within the guidelines of the Challenge.

How do I open a Microgame?

  1. From the Unity Store, get the latest version of Unity via the “New Users” option on this page.
  2. Open the Unity Hub and follow the installation guidelines. As part of the download process, you will have to create a Unity ID user account if you do not already have one.
  3. Choose the Karting, 2D Platformer or the FPS Microgame from the Unity Hub. Give your game a new name.
  4. Open the Microgame in the Unity editor.
  5. Start adding one or more Karting, 2D Platformer, or FPS Mods to your game.

Have fun creating in Unity!

Rules and Prizes
This week
This month
a year ago
Run away from the Boss Slime!
Winner #3
3 reactions
Senior Full Stack Developer
Toronto, Canada
a year ago
Winner #1
4 reactions
Richmond, United States
a year ago
Blueman's Fateful Return Home
Winner #2
7 reactions
Delta, Canada
a year ago
Diamond Rush 2
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