Inside the Vault: Unity 3D Environment Art Contest

Teams of 1 or 2 are invited to create their vision using Substance Painter.
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Feb 14 - Apr 12 2019

What is inside the Yggdrasil vault?

Unity and Substance invite you to create your vision and add to the Buried Memories world. Create a scene showcasing multiple environment pieces, objects, or characters, textured with Substance, and upload your work to the Unity Asset Store. Share your creativity and imagination on what lies behind the Yggdrasil vault, there is no limit to what can exist.
We’re excited to see how you expand this futuristic world.
Update: Deadline extended 2 weeks, to April 11, 2019!

How to participate

  • Sign up for the contest, above
  • Create your models in your favorite modeling application
  • Texture your work with Substance
  • Upload your completed package to the Unity Asset Store
Get detailed instructions, including how to sign up to be a publisher and more, here: https://assetstore.unity.com/g/inside-the-vault-challenge
Get a free trial of Substance here: www.allegorithmic.com/buy/download (Already claimed a trial? Contact Substance to get an extension for the contest!)

What can you create?

Create whatever you think would behind the vault door. Environment props, scenery, weapons, vehicles, or even characters. Or even a combination of things. Create a diorama containing all of your creations. The important thing is that your work fits within the technical and aesthetic requirements of the Yggdrasil world.

Demo Scene

Check out two of the props from the Yggdrasil package, and get a ready-to-use demo scene with our Contest Sample Assets. Important: Be sure to duplicate the demo scene, and rename it as your own.


  • Solo, or teams of two
  • You must have access to Unity Connect and a Unity Connect profile.
  • You must utilize Unity 2017.4 or 2018.x in the creation of the Project.
  • All textures must be created with Substance.
  • You must submit your work to the Unity Asset Store and include the Substance Painter (.spp) source files for your textures.
  • You must tag your Asset Store package with #InsideTheVault.


All prizes are per participant. Teams of two will receive one of each prize for each contestant.
  • 1st Place
  • Quadro RTX 5000 ($2499)
  • Wacom Cintiq 16 (599,90€ TTC)
  • 1-year Substance license ($239)
  • 1-year Unity Pro license ($1500)
  • 2nd Place
  • GeForce RTX 2080 ($799)
  • Intuos Pro M (379,90€ TTC)
  • 1-year Substance license ($239)
  • 1-year Unity Plus license ($420)
  • 3rd Place
  • 1-year Substance license ($239)
  • 1-year Unity Plus license ($420)

Deadline & Winners Announced

Participants must be signed up (above), and have their final submissions uploaded and submitted for review to the Unity Asset Store, by April 11 and 11:59pm PST. We will notify and announce the winners in May, 2019.

Judges & Judging Criteria

The jury will judge the entries on the following set of criteria:
  • Technical Quality (up to 40 points) - quality modeling and demonstration of expertise in Substance Painter and Unity Editor texturing;
  • Artistic Quality/Creativity (up to 40 points) - quality aesthetic which matches the Buried Memories World; and
  • Use of Technology (up to 20 points) - Demonstration of understanding of the Unity engine and Substance Painter.
Nikola Damjanov
Nikola is a 3D game artist with over ten years of versatile experience. Working at Nordeus, he has been actively improving his artistic skills, exploring new tools and adopting them as early as possible. He has developed through the company and is currently channeling his passion, focus and broad skill-set working as a lead artist on soft-launched mobile game - Heroic: Magic Duel. Also, he loves everything procedural.
Johnson Ting | Concept Artist
A full-time freelance concept artist and art director with a focus on the games industry. His past experiences include working with companies such as Sony, Legendary, NCsoft, NetEase, Tencent, Activision, creating concept art and designing collectibles for titles such as Gears of War 4 & 5, Mortal Kombat X, Paragon, the Call of Duty franchise, Halo 5, Resident Evil 7, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Alitt Khaliq | Creative Director
Alitt began his career 12 years ago as a game artist at Codemasters (KL) back in 2006, Lead Artist at Ubisoft (Singapore) in 2009 and Art Director with EA (Sweden) in 2014. He has worked alongside awesome teams on franchises like DiRT, Assassins Creed and Need for Speed before joining Unity (Denmark) recently as the Creative Director for the Asset Store. His mission is to explore and envision new creative projects and partnerships to focus on Quality, Engagement and Growth for the community of Unity developers. Buried Memories was crafted through his vision and direction and brought to life by the amazing talents of the Icon Collective.
Vincent Gault | Technical Artist & Community Manager • Allegorithmic
Vincent Gault is a Technical Artist living in Barcelona, Spain. Before joining Allegorithmic in 2016 as Community Manager, Vincent has been assuming different Art Technical positions with Ubisoft (Montreal, Barcelona & Montpellier studios), and the mobile game studio Social Point. Far Cry 2 & 3 , James Cameron's Avatar, & Assassins Creed Unity: Dead Kings are some of the games Vincent has the opportunity to work on.

Buried Memories: Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil presents a future without humans, replaced by sentient robots who yearn to learn about their history, and have begun mimicking their extinct creators. While we've created a tiny vision of this world in Yggdrasil, practically anything you can imagine could live in this universe.

Unity Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store is the #1 source for game ready art and tools, with over 10,000 publishers producing amazing content. You’ll be uploading your work to the store, making it available to end users to use in their projects. You’ll earn 70% of all revenue your work generates!
Get detailed instructions, including how to sign up to be a publisher and more, here: https://assetstore.unity.com/g/inside-the-vault-challenge

Substance Painter

Substance Painter has everything you need to texture your 3D assets in one application. Unleash your creativity with powerful tools and a non-destructive workflow. Use smart materials, smart masks and integrated 8K bakers, and a WYSIWYG PBR real-time viewport.

Rules and Prizes
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Level Designer / Environment Artist
Brno, Czech Republic
2 years ago
27 reactions
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2 years ago
Yggdrasil Edda Vault
17 reactions
Montauban, France
2 years ago
1 reaction
Raider of the lowpolys and other planes.
Bogotá, Colombia
2 years ago
There's still hope (WIP)
9 reactions
Cambridge, United Kingdom
2 years ago
GOD Inside A Tree
35 reactions
Denver, United States
2 years ago
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Multimedia Designer / Developer
West Palm Beach, United States
2 years ago
Yggdrasil Vault
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