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MWU X Spring Sale Showcase

Join us on the Unity Twitch stream on May 12th to see the top featured games!
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Apr 13 - Apr 30 2021
Join the Community Team during the upcoming Unity Twitch stream, on May 12th at 11am PT/1pm ET to see the top featured games!
Calling all Asset Store users and game developers! We will be highlighting the games that make the most of assets from the Unity Asset Store. ⬇Click Rules & prizes for more information.⬇
MWU X Spring Sale Showcase
Fire up your game development wizardry utilizing assets from the Unity Asset Store to conjure your vision into reality. Flex your creative muscles and have fun with either creating your own WebGL game for the world to see or a Microgame (our special tutorials available in the Unity Hub). If you are a beginner and wish to participate then Microgames are the way to go, you can choose between LEGO®, FPS, 2D Platformer or Karting to get started head over to HERE to start your download - anything is possible!
Check out some previous entries and winners from our March Showcase if you need some inspiration.

How to participate

To join, either go to your game page and click the "Submit your game" button from the banner on the top, or click "Start submission" on this page to submit your WebGL game. You can also choose a game you have already uploaded to your profile to enter.
Make sure to follow these instructions to share your game directly from the Unity Editor to your game's page. Remember to name your game, include a cover image, and provide a short and fun description of your game.
The deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2021.
Mods are fun! How to improve your game.
If you are using a Unity Microgame you can add additional Mods that are available in each of the Microgame tutorials. FPS, 2D Platformer, LEGO® and Karting are all open for this Showcase so we want to see you spice up your game in your own way with Mods. Here are some examples of what you can use:
LEGO® mods: https://learn.unity.com/project/lego-template
FPS mods: https://learn.unity.com/project/fps-template
Karting mods: https://learn.unity.com/project/karting-template
2D platformer mods: https://learn.unity.com/project/2d-platformer-template
Add as many original and fun elements as you can to make your game stand out. When you’re done, submit it as a WebGL game to this showcase!

Let’s Play your First Game! Join us on Twitch.

Join us after the end of the Showcase for a special stream on the Unity Twitch channel. This is where our own Unity Community Managers, Carol and Hasan, will play a selection of their favorite submissions and announce who will get ‘Featured’ on Play!

Showcase Features and Digital Badges

When each Showcase ends we will have a livestream HERE on our Twitch channel where we will play games that are in the running for a feature.
If a game is deemed worthy by the livestream hosts it will be given a ‘Feature’ which will see the game promoted on the Unity Play frontpage for all to see.
Earning a ‘Feature’ will also give the user a unique Digital Badge that they can proudly show on their profile.
Every user that participates in the Showcase will earn a ‘Contender’ Digital Badge for displaying on their profile.

Have fun creating in Unity!

Rules and Prizes
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Primary School Teacher
2 years ago
using URP, high quality rendering
2 reactions
Sunderland, United Kingdom
2 years ago
La Mora - A journey in time
Featured #1
78 reactions
3D Artist
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2 years ago
The Vegetation Engine
Featured #2
38 reactions
2 years ago
Featured #3
15 reactions
2 years ago
Sugar Kills
Featured #3
57 reactions
Game Developer + Creative Director
New York City, United States
2 years ago
Featured #3
73 reactions
Instructor @ Tech Elevator
Columbus, United States
2 years ago
Kinda Sus
Featured #3
63 reactions