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Unity x LEGO® Game Jam: Summer Edition

Join our LEGO GameJam Showcase for a chance to win an official Minifigure!
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May 20 - Jul 20 2021
Create, mod and submit your game to our "Unity x LEGO® GameJam: Summer Edition" Showcase to for a chance to get your own Unity x LEGO® Minifigure. We will be streaming the top game selections during our Twitch stream with guest LEGO Designer, Nick Vás and LEGO Senior Technical Lead, Anders Tankred Holm! Follow our Twitter for the go live date.

Step 1. Join the Unity x LEGO® Game Jam: Summer Edition!

Missed the stream? No worries, you can rewatch it here.
Learn step-by-step with our special guests from the LEGO Games division and our Unity team to create your own unique, shareable game.
In this Game Jam, you'll discover how to build your very own unique flying obstacle course and implement some fun mechanics to the game. We’ll get to work with LEGO Designer, Nick Vás, who will show us how to make some exclusive models for your game!
We’ll look out for your great ideas in the live chat while we share our own favourites. Come for the fun, and stay for expert tips, tricks and a live Q&A.
Your hosts:
  • Carol Trang - Community Manager, Unity - twitter.com/AskAlicePlease
  • Anders Tankred Holm - Senior Technical Lead, The LEGO Group - twitter.com/atholm
  • Nick Vás - Senior Designer, The LEGO Group - https://twitter.com/PrinceGalidor
New to Unity? Simply follow the simple steps below to prepare for the livestream, and then feel free to ask for help in the live chat -- we’ll get you back on track!

Step 2. Download Unity and the Unity Hub

New users: On a laptop or personal computer, visit the LEGO Microgame page, then click Get started. Download and install the Unity Hub.
In the Unity Hub, go to Projects > NEW, then choose the LEGO Microgame template. Finally, click Create to launch it with Unity.
All set! Your Microgame will be ready to launch again from the Unity Hub when the livestream begins on May 20th, 2PM EST | 8PM GMT.
Existing users: Go to step 3.

Step 3. Open the LEGO® Microgame

First, open the Unity Hub. At the top of the main window, check that your Hub version is 2.4.2. If not, follow the numbered steps below.
If you’ve already opened the LEGO Microgame, check that it’s version 2.1.0. To do this, open your LEGO Microgame project and go to Assets > LEGO > LEGOMicrogame_ReadMe.txt. Select the file to display its contents in the Inspector window, where you'll find the version number.
If you don’t have the latest versions, or have never opened the LEGO Microgame, follow these steps:
Open the Unity Hub application. Note: if you are prompted to install the latest version of the Hub, do so by clicking RESTART NOW. You’ll need version 2.4.2 or later.
Enter the Installs tab and check that you have the latest version of Unity 2020.3 LTS
If you don’t have this version, click ADD and select it from the list, then click Next.
Next, in the Add modules to your install step, select “WebGL Build Support” from the list.
Once the download is completed, continue to step 3.
Go to Projects > New (arrow down button) > Select 2020.3.x from the list.
In the Templates window, wait for the list of templates to refresh, then scroll down to the LEGO Microgame, click the “Download” button in the tile.
Next, select “Import” in the pop-up menu.
Once the import process has completed, click the LEGO Microgame tile, then name your project and choose where you'd like to store it on your machine.

Step 4. Register for the livestream

Now that you’re ready to create with Unity, set a reminder on YouTube to get notified on the day of the livestream.
Go to the livestream page and click the Set reminder button.
All set! You’ll receive an email when it’s time for the Unity x LEGO Game Jam.
On May 20th, 2PM EST | 8PM GMT, visit the livestream page. Open your LEGO Microgame project in Unity, then follow along for tips, tricks, and live Q&A.

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